Suburb south-west of central Cairo, the location of the great Pyramids. A manufacturing and agricultural trade center and the seat of Egypt's motion-picture industry.

A distinction should be made between the site of the Great Piramids at Giza and the aforementioned suburb which lies in proximity and bears the same name. The Pyramids were there first, and they are very, very large indeed. They are situated in a compund several square miles in area, much of which is currently being excavated by archaeologists, and in which it now appears an ancient city once existed, built chiefly for the maintenance and support of the building endeavor itself (sort of like a huge building site).

In short, it's not as if the Pyramids are stuck in the middle of a neighbourhood like a sore thumb - you can see them from Giza suburb, but then again you can see them from pretty much anywhere in Cairo, it being very flat and them being very tall.

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