This classic handgun represents a mainstream of the combat/service handguns of the 1970s-1980s. main features of the Beretta 92 are: locking breech action, Walther-type locking (verticaly moving block under the barrel, dual-stack magazine for 15 rounds of 9mm Luger ammo, double action trigger (also available in DA with decocker, double action only and single action modifications). Available in compact version and in .40SW (under designation of Beretta 96 or Brigadier).

In the mid-1980s Beretta 92F won the US Army tests to replace aged m1911s due to the fact that it was just as reliable as the German Sigs and Glocks, but less expensive. It was thus adopted by US military under designation of the M9. It was also appointed personal defense sidearm by many police and law enforcement agencies around the world.

caliber: 9mmx19 Capacity: 15 Action: Single/double Overall Length (mm/in): 217/8.5 Barrel Length (mm/in): 125/4.9 Overall Width (mm/in): 38/1.5 Overall Height (mm/in): 137/5.4 Weight Unloaded (gr/oz): 975/34.4

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