Again, a birthday.
A boring one.

What happened in the last 12 months ?

September, 11th. - a shock.
Unbelievable at first, then realizing that it was for real, with my wife being on a business trip to New Jersey. The hosting company had booked a table for dinner - in a restaurant that would just not exist after that day.

September, 16th - joy.
A very short email - "Flight confirmed, back home tomorrow" (plus an arrival time).

December - a trip
Singapore (again) and Indonesia. Singapore over Christmas is a marvellous experience.

May - a big change.
Buying property. A first after being perfectly happy with renting and never owning anything more expensive but a car. Nice flat.

June/July - surprises and work.
You buy a nice flat and expect to need to visit an interior decorator. Two days after getting the title, we have an account with a building materials wholesale place.
But I learned a copuple of things during the last few months :
- repairing floors, including concrete work
- installing parquet (joy when finished.)
- using a router (I was pretty competent with the networking version, the woodworking version is slightly different - they share a power cord, though. And both are fun.
- DSL modem is not DSL modem. (Yes, they are incompatible.)

August - the upper rooms are 99% finished. A great place again. Plumbing is something you can learn. Expect water.

So - an eventful year. And a boring birthday.