A Nazi elitist regime, or so I now think!

A friend of mine is going to turn 21 in a couple of days, so we decided as a surprise we'd take him to relive the last reminants of his youth before he became an adult--by going and romping at Chuck E. Cheese's for a while. We all had fond memories of the place, and so a plan was hatched.

The day came soon enough, and this morning we all boarded the car and prepared for a day of pizza and much romping. We arrived at good old Chuck's, and proceeded to make our way inside. We were stopped immediately by one of the attendants:

Attendant: Ummm...excuse me, fellas, but do you have any kids with you?
Us: Well...no, not really.
Attendant: I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to let you inside unless you have any children with you.
Us: This is our good friend Eric's last moment of childhood before his 21st birthday, and we were planning to relive it at the place we remember with such fondness! You would deny us such pleasures?!
Attendant: Yes. But if you find a kid and come back, I can let you in...

With much scorn and disappointment in our eyes, we left Chuck E. "Age Discrimination" Cheese's; much cursing about class action suits and discrimination did ensue upon returning to the car.

Our plans foiled, we headed for the next best thing: New York City.

Chuck E. Cheese's is a kid-friendly pizza restaurant with games, playplaces, etc. It was created by the founder of Atari in 1977 in San Jose, California. After the emergance of Showbiz Pizza Place a series of legal battles began, and didn't really end until their merger in 1984. In 1988, they changed all the restaurants to Showbiz Pizza, but left the rest the same, however, perhaps due to the confusion from this simple name change, they were all renamed Chuck E. Cheese's in 1992 and anything related to the former Showbiz before the merger was killed off due to issues with royalites. By 1995, Chuck E. Cheese had been changed to a mouse, and was digressed into a kid (IMHO, I think their commercials are getting very cheesy). In recent years (circa. 2001), the company owning Chuck E. Cheese's (Chuck E. Cheese Entertainment Inc.) bought out Discovery Zone (Which I felt when I visited as a 10 year old, much better). Chuck E. Cheese's is starting to become what happens to every profitable company, they don't want to fall, so they eat everyone up, and act like a bully. Sad really.

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