When I turned thirteen, of course I had a party. I invited all my closest friends. We were just goofing around, doing normal girly things, when all of a sudden this person I've never seen before shows up. She says her name is Audrey, and that she really wanted to come to my party. No one knew what to say. She was wearing a dark pink sweater with a belt over it, extremely tight stretch pants, and she had her hair in several small ponytails all over her head. She was also wearing makeup, something my friends and I were not allowed to do. Her eyes were enormous, with eyelashes a mile long. She had huge circles of blush on her cheeks, and a thick smear of green eyeshadow right up to each eyebrow. All in all, the girl looked hideous. Then my mom comes downstairs and says I should let this kid stay at my party. I couldn't say no, so all of us just sat there in silence and watched the new arrival make herself comfortable.

Then she started laughing.

I didn't know what to do. Why was she laughing? What was she laughing at? But then, she said "Katie, it's me." It took me a minute, but under all that makeup I could finally recognize who it really was. My brother.

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