Tonight has been...interesting.

First there were the drug conversations every time I went outside to smoke with people. Every time but one, but only because Brian blew out the power source on his computer and dragged it outside by the wires to hit it against the wall while smoking.

We named it Bob.

Then I thought my computer died, because Windows didn't come up and since I have a laptop I couldn't turn it off to restart it. Thankfully, my good friends are computer science majors and can save my ass when I prove my lack of knowledge of Windows computers.

Sometimes I miss using my iMac.

And now my roommate is back and on the phone, as always. I realize that, being from Poland, all of her friends and family are far away, but does she always have to be on the goddamned phone? It's not like she hinders me from getting calls, which she really doesn't, since anyone who cares enough to call me calls my cell phone, but if I did get any calls to the room I wouldn't know, since she doesn't pay any attention to the call waiting when it beeps in. It really is annoying to hear her talking all the time, especially when someone calls at 5 am and wakes me up from sleep I desperately need to function in class. I wish she would at least go in the hallway like she used to.

I think next year I'm going to feign insanity to get a single room.