I am in my mother's piano studio above our garage. No one is there, and I have the feeling my mother will be home soon. Books are scattered everywhere, the baby grande stands silent in its spot next to the far wall, and the lights are out.
I walk down the brown stairs and back to the garage. As I close the door behind me, I happen to turn around and see something that hadn't been there a second ago: a large pile of sandals, including the jelly sandals I had loved so much as a child. There are jelly high heels, jelly flip flops, and so many other sandals I don't know where to begin thinking. For some reason I can't take any of them with me, so I leave. As I leave, all of my mother's manuscripts and music and books cascade down the steps. I slam the door and run, afraid of what she will say when she sees the mess I have made.

It seems to be a few hours later, and my mother's studio, where all the shoes had been, has become a tourist shop of some kind. It looks nothing like the studio, I only know that that is where the sandals are now, and that even if I have to buy them, I want some.
The store is is very red, and there are clothes and toys everywhere, and one row of the sandals but none of the jelly sandals. I search the store many times, finding nothing. A man asks me if I need help. He looks slightly like the vampire-types who own the magic store Hocus Pocus in downtown Oakland. I see him numerous times as I search the store, when suddenly his face changes. It seems to melt into his neck and pop up something else.
He is not the only person whose face is changing. All around me people's faces are melting and becoming different. I begin to cry, knowing that this place is evil, and I run away, only to wake up sweating in my bed, in my dorm room. The clock reads 6:36 am. Only two more hours until I have to wake up for class. I lay back down and close my eyes, waiting for the next dream to come...