On a similar note are the "An Idiot's Guide to..." series of books. One time I was in B. Dalton's and found - I shit you not - "An Idiot's Guide to Cybersex." Of course, I had to page through it, and couldn't believe that people actually needed a guide to get onto IRC and /join #teensex.

I'd hardly call "Windows '95 for Dummies" or "America OnLine for Dummies" to be oxymorons; more like self-descriptive, or redundant. When I first saw Win'95 for Dummies, I couldn't help but think that it was more like a statement to be emblazened on a picket sign, to be a mantra during a strike at some factory where they didn't pander to the idiotic masses.

Now, the day they came out with "Linux for Dummies" was the day it stopped being funny.