Sather is an object-oriented language designed to be simple, efficient, safe, flexible and
non-proprietary. It aims to be
as efficient as C, C++, or Fortran, as elegant as and safer than Eiffel, and support
higher-order functions and iteration abstraction as well as Common Lisp, CLU or Scheme. ---
Sather normally compiles to native code, but can make java byte-code.
--- See newsgroup comp.lang.sather

Sather is definitely the programming language of the future. Not only is it fast like C or C++ it's safe like Eiffel and does its own garbage-collection It was developed at Berkley and named after the Sather tower on campus. pSather offers some powerful parallel programming capabilites and eliminates much dead lock. Watch out and jump onto the Sather bandwagon before it's too late

This is the genealogy of the programming language Sather:

Sather is a child of Eiffel.
Sather was born in year 1991.
It became Sather 1.0 in year 1994.
It became Sather 1.1 in year 1995.
It became Sather 1.2.1 in year 1999, and has not changed much since that time.

This genealogy is brought to you by the Programming Languages Genealogy Project.

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