What is it with people? Why don't they get "it"? It seems to me that you cannot give someone the general idea of some thing and let them go with it anymore. Have you noticed how horrible TV is? I cannot even watch it lest I get sick and vomit on the coffee table. Is this the world we live in?
I am by no means a genius. Annoyingly, I fall in that awkward category of half-stupid people.
When I pick up an instruction manual, if its "For dummies" it is mundane, but if it is for advanced students I am frequently lost.
We live in a society in which it is ok to be a complete moron. We accept stupidity rather than trying to educate and/or gas the terminally moronic. I want more stimuli! I crave the day when I can't understand a fucking thing anyone says. I lack self motivation.
And yet no one gets "it". Even some self-proclaimed intellectuals don't get "it" half of the time. By "it" I mean the truths of life. The obvious. That which smacks you in the face and demands acceptance. The "big picture".
We shun the truth of things. We truly need an instruction manual for the conceptually retarded. I cannot write it though I wish I could. I can live with the fact that a lot of people are smarter than I am. I can live also with the fact that a lot of people are not as smart as I am. But I am decidedly against people kidding themselves into believing that they are living to their fullest potential when they are not. I am also tired of everyone complacency in this fucked up world. Rather than change things people build up their shell, turn up the white noise and ignore the scenery. It scares me.
Maybe one of you can write the book. There are enough intellectuals here to do it. Something for everyone to read as they are growing. A manifesto, a bible, an instruction manual, An encyclopedia outlining everything that people ignore, abuse and take for granted.
It is not hard, and that is the sad thing. Life tells us what is right and wrong. Life tells us what to do. We just never listen. We know what to do and it will never get done.

Rousseau, after much thought, decided that humans need Food, Sex, and Sleep to be happy. That's all. But humans also have the capacity to improve themselves, and from this comes all of humans achievements and sorrows....

Rousseau was nuts, but in this, he was close enough, I think.

If your going to be stupid, stick to the basics.
If your going to be smart, be good at it.

It sounds like you're complaining that people are misusing their smartness...
Well, we invented, that was fun.
We built, and that was cool.
We killed each other, and that was rotten.
There's one more thing to try...

Maybe it's time to try getting all humans to a minimum state of happy stupidity, and let them become intellectual at there own risk. Feed the poor. The rest can manage on their own...

Then we can choose to do more work on the old stuff (without the killing), or we can stick to the basics. Our choice, and we live with the consequences of our actions.

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