I dreamt code. I had come up with a new scripting language for Solace, which is simple, easy to write an interpreter for, easy to write code in, and easy to store using Solace's property-tree database model. Basically, it is a cross between LISP and sh. I tentatively named it SoLISP.

On a MUCK as Pascal, I msummoned various friends to show them the code (as it was a tangible thing), handed them a script. They grokked it immediately, and thought it was a great idea. Well, fEk and Zorin did. I don't remember who else I specifically talked to about this.

I also had some other incredible ideas. Event handler methods, mostly, everything being an event and being able to be handled accordingly, with very simple mini-scripts to deal with such things as needed. It would make this language a cross between functional, imperative, and object oriented, while still being clean.

And holding SoLISP in my splotchy-colored paws, it was such a beautiful concept, shiny and metal made of environment-mapped gold, and I felt that I had found a true treasure.