Sam and I are both having trouble eating. I'm hungry and force myself to eat, about 20 minutes later I'm hungry again.

Stress must burn a lot of calories. Sam's barely eating at all. I woke up Sunday morning crying, feeling so guilty that I couldn't have stopped the dogfight and shortly after drifting off to sleep that night I woke up shivering and shaking. I assume it's the shock wearing off. We had a dog Cosmo who was absolutely terrifed during thunderstorms so I would put him in the bathroom with the lights and fan on so he couldn't hear or see the storm and it seemed to calm him down. He died a little over a year ago. We had three dogs and a cockatiel all of who have been my closest companions while I've been stuck at home with illness. This year Kiki, a black lab and golden retiever mix has been locking herself in the bathroom during the storms. We didn't believe she was doing it until I came home the night of the Fourth of July and Number Two Son and I found both Kiki and Sam in the bathroom. I thought Sam might have been an unwilling captive by following Kiki in there. Sunday and today Sam has locked herself in the bathroom. We are sure of it and have had to shut the door to keep her out. It's sad to see her so scared.

Last night I did go for a walk and it took some courage. I took Kiki along, some people stopped and stared, I don't know if it was at me. I could see the trail of blood left by Sam when she ran home after the dogfight. I speculated as to why she wouldn't come to me on my recall when she took off. She'd always been reliable before...when I gave her the command she turned and looked at me so I know she heard it, I assumed it was out of fright. What if... I wondererd What if she went home to get help for me. When she showed up my husband thought I had been hit by a car. Number Two Son thought I had been kidnapped and wondered where the blood on his socks came from.

Animal Control came by yesterday and they will be issuing a citation to the owners as well as filing papers to have the dog declared dangerous. The owners are only willing to pay part of the costs. The Officer said by law they're required to pay all of the costs. He said they'll be fined $150.00 for not having the dog confined or on leash. He'll be back this week to take me over to one of the neighbors near there where this same dog came into their home and attacked one of their dogs. The owners live across the street from an elementary school and the Animal Control Officer expressed his concern because his 8 year old son walks that way to school twice a day. He assures me the dangerous dog assesment will not require the dog to be put down. It's treated very much like points assesed on a driver's record. Depending on how many points are given to the dog, the owner will be required to do certain things, I'm hoping one will be to take the dog through obedience training.

My husband is buying me mace to take on my walks.

One of the bites between my fingers is showing signs of infection. I took off her bandages and cleaned the drain in Sam's leg. There's a lot of bruising and swelling, stitches from lacerations. I take her back to the vet tomorrow hopefully to get the drain taken out and find out when I can take her for walks again. I know she misses them. The court date is September 20th and I'll have to testify.

What happened to my wonderful walks?

I'm no good at that sort of thing, I don't want to do it.....this is terrible for everybody... for heaven's sake they have a five year old son who may lose his dog!

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
-Romans 8:28 (KJV)

I am assured that all things work together for good.