ophie Glad to hear you're up and around! My family tells me I had the same surgery (recall very little of it though) Surgery at 9 am they said and I demanded to go home at 3 that afternoon. Hubby says I was up doing yard work 6 days afterwards. I'm sure it's the CO gas that's causing the fat and bloated feelings.

Met my father for lunch this week at The Terra Cotta. Always one to spoil his daughter, it was delightful! One of those places where the waiter takes command of the table. Squaring my purse away and re-setting the silverware with precision, the cheapest sandwich on the menu was $17.50. ( I peeked, mine didn't have prices) I has the Chicken Tacos on a bed of black beans. The tea was flavored with apricot which neither one of us cared for. So I asked for and the waiter recommended an expresso with brandy and kalua. It was quite delicious! Daddy always has good taste:)

Dad was telling me about a family reunion some relatives had from the Smith side of the family. That's where his middle name comes from, he's called Smitty by his family. It's from his mother's side of the family. Her motherKitty Bishop died when she was 26 of unknown causes. A family quest has been underway for quite some time to find her grave. Bless my aunt for doing a geneology on our family, it's been facinating. At this reunion they commemorated Kitty's two brother's who fought (one died during the war)in the Civil War. One family had two sons and sent one to the Confederacy and the other to the Union hoping to ensure that the family line would go on no matter what the outcome of the war was. I was intrigued by the idea that they would put allegiance to family ahead of allegiance to country.

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day!

Don't forget to be kind to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!
- Hebrews 13: 2