Originally, someone who forged things out of metal. Became a very common English name. The same thing happened in other languages (German : Schmidt/Schmitt, French : Fevre/Fabre/Lefevbre, Spanish : Herrero).

See Patti Smith, Adam Smith, or just add any other one that comes to your mind.
A more advanced skateboarding grind trick. It is best if you learn all grinds other than the feeble before this trick (click here for a list).

Approach your grind object at a high speed. Make sure you are well lined up. Ollie and put your weight on your front foot and swivel your body to ensure that the back trucks hit your grind object, but the nose is down below the edge/pole you are grinding. This is very, very hard to balance.

When first learning make sure you are grinding an object which has an end, for it is very hard to ollie in a smith.

Early 70's pop rock band that had a 1970 hit with a cover of the Shirelles' Baby It's You. They had several more hits in '70 and '71. Their sound included multiple lead singers and an upfront Hammond B-3 organ.

Smith first came to my attention when I picked up a copy of the sountrack to Easy Rider. In the legalese on the bottom, the cover notes that though The Band plays the song The Weight in the movie "licensing issues" forced the producers of the soundtrack to include this "fine version" by Smith.

Partial Discography:

  • A Group Called Smith, 1969, Varese
  • Minus/Plus, 1970, Dunhill

Smith (?), n. [AS. smi; akin to D. smid, G. schmied, OHG. smid, Icel. smir, Dan. & Sw. smed, Goth. smia (in comp.); cf. Gr. a sort of knife, a hoe, mattock.]


One who forges with the hammer; one who works in metals; as, a blacksmith, goldsmith, silversmith, and the like.

Piers Plowman.

Nor yet the smith hath learned to form a sword. Tate.


One who makes or effects anything.




© Webster 1913.

Smith, v. t. [AS. smiian. See Smith, n.]

To beat into shape; to forge.



What smith that any [weapon] smitheth. Piers Plowman.


© Webster 1913.

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