A group of individuals or individual, soveriegn states in alliance. It usually dictates that more independence is given to it's members than in a federation.

If capitalized, the Confederate States of America.

Con*fed"er*a*cy (?), n.; pl. Confederacies (#). [From Confederate, a.]


A league or compact between two or more persons, bodies of men, or states, for mutual support or common action; alliance.

The friendships of the world are oft
Confederacies in vice or leagues of pleasure.

He hath heard of our confederacy.

Virginia promoted a confederacy.


The persons, bodies, states, or nations united by a league; a confederation.

The Grecian common wealth, . . . the most heroic confederacy that ever existed.

Virgil has a whole confederacy against him.

3. (Law)

A combination of two or more persons to commit an unlawful act, or to do a lawful act by unlawful means. See Conspiracy.

Syn. -- League; compact; alliance; association; union; combination; confederation.


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Con*fed"er*a*cy, n. (Amer. Hist.)

With the, the Confederate States of America.


© Webster 1913

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