I originally wrote this write up 16 years ago. I was a college student trying desperately to prove that I really was an awfully clever guy, by attempting to defend the indefensible. Over the years, especially the last several, I have thought periodically about this write up, with increasing embarrassment. Well, today is the day. This comes down now. It wasn't right when I wrote it, it's not right now, and it won't be right in the future, either. If you, yourself are flying a confederate flag and have come here seeking justification for doing so, please know that there is no justification. It's morally wrong to shit on people for hundreds of years, and no amount of sociological double speak will change that. The only place the confederacy or its flag should be preserved is in a museum dedicated to bad ideas we don't need to try again. And if you think otherwise, they can probably reserve a spot for you in that same museum.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say on this. Feel free to carry on with your day.

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