Life has been called a 'rainbow of chaos.' This summer has been just that; I wouldn't have it any other way. Firstly there has been a friend, teacher aide who is off for the summer and recalled a wish I had made some time ago about painting inside the house. She was kind enough to come over and keep track of the mindless putting down of things. Many times I will get frustrated at finding the item again and give up. Painting was a daunting task, but she made it much easier. Ha! There were times though that she had to come over and push me along to the next project. Gladness, the house looked terrific for the expected company. For those of you who have been here before, the old blue wallpaper in the kitchen is gone. The north wall in the living room pops with a burgundy red while the other three are a very light tan with faux glaze added and a technique called 'ragging' applied. This flows out into the kitchen on two walls and the ceiling giving an open and airy feeling. The north and east wall are the same tan only painted solid. Stenciled along the textured walls are sunflowers. Some are growing around the bookshelf where recipes are kept while others form a daisy chain chair rail. A daisy chain for WCW because love can lay at the edge of a sunflowers too! Down the hall more texturing continues above a chair rail to tie the three areas together. Below the chair rail is sponging with the burgundy. The chair rail in itself was a project. Teaching myself how to miter corners, learning how to stain the pine to a walnut finish that matches some muchly adored family pieces of furniture.

Many things have inspired, most of them came from E2. Kudos to fhayashi and the write up on How to strip wallpaper. It was long and tedious work but went much more smoothly with their information. The color of mangos were chosen in line with a bit of the southwest, some touches of Oriental hearken to the past and to remember sensei. A tip of the hat to impressionism with sunflowers and to one of my favorite painters. Thought Manet is preferred, it’s hard to bring French to a small home in the desert. French calls for grand things on a grand scale. To celebrate these accomplishments, the Hubby and boys had two personal art pieces framed for my birthday and just in time for our guest!

There is always humbled amazement when people take the time and go out of their way to visit. It really is a joy to meet them and get to know them!

Here is where the dog attack happened.


Here is were the walks happen.

Oh this is SO cool to see these places you have written about!

I am thinking about putting a curio shop out front, just kidding guys! It’s elating to say that both Chras4 and thefez decided to visit me over The Thing!

Chras4 called about 7:30 AM and it was a mad dashed off with muffins for breakfast then for a tour of the Arizona-Desert Museum. The weather was just perfect! It had rained and it was obvious that Chras4 had been out dancing through mud puddles. She invited me into her trailer and we sat on her bed, instant friends, talking children and families. Little books were everywhere, she is a true writer, jotting down words and phrases as they spring to mind. Leaving right away for the museum, spending until noon there, back home and signing batches of postcards for noders. We left for downtown Tucson and headed for an old barrio in the historical district where to enjoy the work of several artisans. There were some hummingbird feeders and a rather garish lamp made out of a golf club which of course got us to talking about dannye who likes to feed hummers and play golf. Chras4 dutifully took notes on our locations as we wandered around for I am notorious for getting lost. The red ummm *cough* hideous *cough* art piece in front of the Main Library was our landmark and of course we had to take a look around the County court house with it's well known turquoise dome and Mexican architecture.

Skeedaddling back home to finish signing postcards and stuffing ourselves silly on BBQ Beef, BBQ beans and toothsome potato salad. It was both wonderful and a great delight to meet Chras4. We talked about the way things were on E1 in the beginning and the way things are today. About the many friends we have in common and about the many more we would like to get to know. People who have come and gone and how they have truly affected our lives. Good luck and Godspeed on your new adventures in life and thank you Chras4 for being so kind and thoughtful to grace us with your charming presence. It went by too quickly, I had great fun!

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.
-1 Peter 4:8-10 (NIV)