Dinner was over and I was still hungry. I mentioned to my husband that I had realy been wanting spinach lately.... His eyes shifted from the TV to the couch where I was sitting and sighed with mock patience,

People do not get cravings for SPINACH, popcorn and chips maybe, but NOT spinach!

Well of course now I had to have spinach so I ran up to the grocery store to get the ingredients for spinach soup. It was there I defined some of the distinct differences of my memory problems. One is ordinary every day memory lapses.....Number Two Son had yelled for ice cream as I went out the door, so as it was, it wasn't on my list I thought about it several times, but still managed to forget it. This to me is a normal occurance. The other is something else entirely......I saw fritos and bean dip on sale and grabbed two bags for $3.00.....oh and hubby wanted chili cheese dogs for dinner...he loves the buns made out of potato bread so I splurged and picked those up as well. Now the bean dip and the hot dogs made it home with me, however what became of the chips and buns still remains somewhat of a mystery. I have always shopped by leaving my cart at the end of the aisle and gathering what I wanted in the aisle to carry them back and place it in cart.....it really is much more practical and efficient than fighting my way up and down a crowded aisle with the cart. At any rate I haven't been caught yet, but I do think I have been some kind of grocery cart fairy placing my items in other peoples carts. So someone has gotten home with two bags of fritos and hot dog buns and wondered Now what was I thinking?? As a result of this, I guess you could call it some kind of behavior, I make many trips to the grocery store a week.
It's hard for me to imagine how embarassing this behavior would be for me in a workplace....

Number One Son did run up to the grocery store later on and smuggled fritos into his room, only to be caught by his father and jokingly accused of stealing them, Hah! he said and ran off to his room and produced the receipt only problem was Mom had possesion of the bean dip.

Jesus looked at them and said, "For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible."
- Matthew 19:26 (NRSV)