Today was odd. I woke up late, reset my alarm and slept more. My coworkers said nothing. I did some work, and i did some noding, I went to lunch and did more work. I am now home, noding a lil more, then I have a party to go to tonight, laundry to do, groceries to buy, and sleep to get. It's been a long and boring day. But it's payday, so it can't be all bad.

This weekend I drove to Sheboygan and stayed with my friend Angie. (see The greatest compliment I ever received) I saw the Dave Matthews Band in concert in East Troy outside of Milwaukee. The concert was the best I've been to yet, almost surreal. I was in the 11th row, close enough to hit Dave in the head with a ball. (I'm not the worlds greatest QB). I went with my little brother. Bad idea. We don't get along very well, and he was his normal inconsiderate self. We left for the concert about 5 PM, and at 5:30 I started to get a headache. I reached for the Advil which I had bought for seven dollars in a gas station on the way out to Wisconsin. What I didn't yet know, is my brother took it inside earlier and didn't put it back. Under any other circumstance, this wouldn't be that big a deal, but going to a live concert, from Dave Matthews, eleven rows back, with the worst fucking headache I've had in well over a year tends to put a damper on things. So the concert was fantastic, I could bear the headache up until about the fourth to last song, where my head just pulsated, and then the two hour drive home at midnight, while my punk-ass brother lays back and sleeps. Ouch.

Other than that, I had a great time at my friend Angie's, I met her father while he was sober, and I met her horse Zammy. Life is good.