My day:

I woke up at 6:00AM EST. Got ready and left for school. When I got to school the library was closed so I couldn't get on to E2. (Lazy Librairians). When the library finnaly opened I had 10 minutes to look at my nodes and stats. Then the stupid "Proud To Be An American" warning bell song plays like it does every day.

During school I got a 58 on my science test and was really pissed. My science teacher (as nice as he is) is really making me mad with all of little detailed point deduction system. But he is nothing compared to my geometry teacher now she is an ass. After I got home at 3:30PM EST I went online and have been on E2 since then. My parents aren't home yet, but when they come home I will be working all night on my stupid homework.

Oh yeah halloween was fun. Candy is awsome, even better when free.