The "Writer of Stuff" is also well known for his contributions to the comic book industry and to the Incredible Hulk mythos. In addition to an illustrious twelve-year run on the Marvel Comics title, he has also written the novel What Savage Beast and co-edited the emerald giant's short story collection.

In addition, he's created a new Star Trek series, appropriately named New Frontier, which can be found exclusively on print medium - novels and comic books. This series, which chronicles the adventures of the USS Excalibur, captained by Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and features Next Generation alumnus such as Commander Elizabeth Shelby (last seen in Best of Both Worlds (TNG)) and Lieutenant Robin Lefler (last seen in The Game (TNG)).

Most of all, Peter David has garnered a reputation for injecting a mean sense of humour into all his stories that complements his clear and concise storytelling. Truly, a modern master of the genre.