In the Star Trek Universe, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F is a hypothetical seventh Federation starship to bear the name "Enterprise." The existence of a USS Enterprise-F is predicted by the appearance of an Enterprise NCC-1701-J in the ST:ENT episode "Azati Prime" which travels back in time from the 26th century to visit the SS Enterprise, although this ship may in fact be from an alternate future other than the "real" future.

The Enterprise-F is also mentioned in at least two Star Trek novels published by Pocket Books, although both of these instances refer to alternate timelines. In Peter David's novel Imzadi, the Enterprise-F is commanded by Commodore Data in an alternate future in which Deanna Troi is killed in 2368. Since Troi's death is averted in the novel's conclusion, this future represents an alternate universe. An Enterprise-F also appears in an alternate future in the Deep Space Nine novel The War of the Prophets, in which the ship is commanded by Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, later succeeded by Captain William Riker, and is ultimately lost with all hands, including Tom Paris, Geordi LaForge, and Deanna Troi, when the alien Grigari destroy Earth in 2388.

At present, the existence of an Enterprise-F in the timeline depicted in canonical movies and television series is conjectural at best. However, given that the USS Enterprise-E has already been featured in three films, an Enterprise-F of some sort is very likely to appear should any more Star Trek films be made.

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