From the Star Trek universe:

The Star Ship Enterprise (NX-01) is the first ship built by humans capable of Warp 5, which is a great improvement over previous ships which could only reach Warp 2. These high-warp speeds allow humans to travel to 10,000 inhabitable planets in a year instead of only 18. Launched in 2151 its first commander is Captain Jonathan Archer.

The ship is 190 meters in length and weighs 80,000 metric tons, allowing it to carry 87 regular crewmembers. It is equipped with laser cannons, hull-retracting plasma turrets, spatial torpedoes. To protect itself it has polarized hull plating which can be retracted.

The Enterprise has shuttlepods, carrying 6 people and a pilot, to transport humans off ship, transporters to move cargo and protein resequencers (an early form of replicators).

Long-range communication is possible, but only when at warp speed. The interior of the ship features touch panels for on-board communication.

More details will be added when the become available.

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