"The Starship Enterprise" is the common name in pop cultural parlance for the space-going vessel that served as the setting for several of the Star Trek television series and films, including the orginal 1960s NBC series "Star Trek", the 1990s sindicated revival "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and the 2000s UPN series "Star Trek: Enterprise". The starships drew their collective name from several US naval vessels named USS Enterprise, especially CV-6, the most decorated aircraft carrier of World War II, and CVN-65, the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Although starships with a wide variety of shapes have appeared in the Star Trek films and shows, all of the starships Enterprise have shared certain basic design features with the original Starship Enterprise model designed by Matt Jeffries in the 1960s, most notably the round (or rounded) foward "saucer section" topped by a bridge section, and rear "stardrive section" featuring two "warp drive" nacelles.

Thus far, eight different starships named Enterprise have appeared in Star Trek television episodes and films, as listed below, with full name, registry number and series or film of first significant appearance:

SS Enterprise           NX-01                  Star Trek: Enterprise
USS Enterprise          NCC-1701               Original Series
USS Enterprise-A        NCC-1701-A             Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
USS Enterprise-B        NCC-1701-B             Star Trek: Generations
USS Enterprise-C        NCC-1701-C             Featured in a time travel episode of ST:TNG
USS Enterprise-D        NCC-1701-D             Star Trek: The Next Generation
USS Enterprise-E        NCC-1701-E             Star Trek: First Contact
USS Enterprise-F        NCC-1701-F             Conjectural, featured in non-canonical novels
USS Enterprise-J        NCC-1701-J             Featured in a time travel episode of Star Trek: Enterprise

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