Priest, formerly known as Jim Owsley, writes comic books, and has done so for a good many years. Back when he was still Owsley, he wrote things like Savage Sword of Conan and Powerman and Ironfist at Marvel Comics. Eventually he got an editorship, overseeing the Spider-Man line of comics. He's still held up as one of the finest Spider-editors ever. I mean, he hired Peter David.

Eventually, he changed his name to Christopher J. Priest. No one really knows why, and it's none of our business.

As Priest, he's written still more comics.
For DC: The Ray; Justice League Task Force; Steel, and Xer0, the best series no one read.
For Marvel he is currently writing Deadpool and Black Panther.
At Acclaim Comics-- formerly Valiant Comics-- Priest, along with artist M.D. Bright, writes Quantum & Woody. Q & W is the best buddy movie you'll ever read.

Priest is a minister (seriously) and is licensed to drive a bus.

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