Lisa Tuttle (1952- ) is a US-born science fiction writer who has been living in the UK since 1980. She was married to fellow SF author Christopher Priest for 7 years.

Many of Tuttle's stories convey feminist ideas about the relationships between men and women. Other recurring themes are psychological and sexual transformation, again often with a feminist slant.

Her first novel "Windhaven" was written in collaboration with George R. R. Martin (of "A Game of Thrones" fame). "Windhaven" describes the struggle of a young woman who tries to enter a closed society of elite flying messengers.

Some other works by Lisa Tuttle are "Catwitch" (1983), "Gabriel" (1987), "Familiar Spirit" (1989) and "The Pillow Friend" (1996). She also edited "Skin of the Soul" (1990), an acclaimed anthology of female horror authors.

Tuttle has also published fantasy, horror, children's books and non-fiction works.

Tuttle won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1974 (in a tie with Spider Robinson). She refused a Nebula award in 1981 for "The Bone Flute".

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