Two men have taken the identity of the Ray. The Ray is a hero published by DC Comics.

The first man to use the identity of the Ray is "Happy" Terrill. Terrill was a reporter working on a story about a new experiment involving a high-altitude balloon. Unbeknownst to Terrill, the team of scientists were members of RONOL or Research on the Nature of Light. The group was headed by Doctor Dayzl who believed that the Earth was in danger from a being composed of pure light, which he called the Light Entity. The experiment exposed Terrill to a "light bomb" that changed his DNA and gave him light-based powers including flight and the ability to fire light blasts. Terrill decided that he should use his powers for the good of others and became the Ray.

Terrill adventured for many years as the Ray, serving as a member of both the All-Star Squadron and the Freedom Fighters. He eventually decided to retire from heroing and settle down with his wife Nadine. However, Terrill soon discovered the actual goal of Dayzd's experiment. When Nadine gave birth to a son, the boy crackled with light, and Terrill realized that the boy had inherited his powers. Terrill gave his son, who he named Raymond in to the care of his brother Thomas and told Nadine that their child had died.

Raymond was raised by Thomas as his son and told that he had a unique genetic condition that would kill him if he was exposed to direct sunlight. For years, Raymond, or Ray, lived indoors, educated by tutors, and cut off from normal contact. It wasn't until the death of Thomas that Raymond discovered he had been living a lie and that he possessed extrodinary powers. He was soon contacted by his father and manipulated into fufilling his destiny of battling the Light Entity and protecting the earth. Ray adopted the identity of the Ray and began a career as a super-hero. This second Ray was even a member of the Justice League of America for a time.

The original Ray first appeared in Smash Comics #14 and his son was introduced in The Ray #1 in 1992.

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