A comic book company co-owned by DC Comics and Marvel Comics that has published about 24 single-issue comics since the mid-1990s. Amalgam's gimmick is that it publishes comics that blend elements from both DC and Marvel--hence, they had characters like Super-Soldier, who was a combination of DC's Superman and Marvel's Captain America; Dark Claw, who looked like a cross between DC's Batman and Marvel's Wolverine; Iron Lantern, who was part DC's Green Lantern and Marvel's Iron Man; Spider-Boy, half Marvel's Spider-Man and half DC's Superboy; and even Lobo the Duck, a very silly character who embodied DC's Lobo and Marvel's Howard the Duck. They were fairly popular when they were released, especially among hardcore comics fans, but DC and Marvel haven't been getting along that well recently, so who knows if they'll ever get together to make another wave of Amalgam again...

Amalgam's titles included:

Wave I:

Wave II:

(Of all those, the best ones are the Spider-Boy, Super Soldier, and Dark Claw books, along with Lobo the Duck, Dr. StrangeFate, Speed Demon, the X-Patrol, and JLX...)

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