Life is so strange. The more I think about it the stranger it gets. Saturday I had to work from 11 - 7. It wasn't so bad, and not too many people were in the mood for a pretzel. Sometime after 2pm this boy came up to buy a lemonade. He gave my manager an envelope with my name on it. She asked me if I knew who he was, and I had no idea. I opened the envelope. Inside was a note with a hand drawn picture of a rose in a vase. I was stunned, but even more stunned after I finished the letter. The boy said he thought I was super lovely. He's only seen me, in my Pretzel Time shirt at the mall with my hair in pigtails, and he thinks I'm "super lovely." It was so nice; it made me smile like an idiot. At the bottom of the note he had written his phone number and his email address. Not being very big on calling people I dont' know, I sent him an email. He replied with this huge long email, but it was so amazing. He said that he had seen me in the mall, and I had smiled at him. That smile was so warm and magnetic he had come to see who I was, but by the time he left the store he was in I was gone. Then he came to buy pretzels with his friend and there I was. He said he thought about me all week, and even came to the mall almost everyday just to see if I was there. I never thought anyone could just see me, and think I was wonderful. I don't know what to think, but it's nice to know that someone who doesn't even know me is thinking about me.