Well now today, I'm fully back.

Somehow the Great Satan did not crush me and I know my life will continue and the promise of my existence will reach the greatest fulfillment I can give it.

A new completion is my total and unreserved hatred for Americans and thier disgusting Schlamkultur.

Until now this was blocked by the following:

  1. I am the Ur-Amerikaner, how could I hate myself?
  2. My friends and family members would be affected.
  3. An unjustified prejudice against the use of the dark side.
The first is easy, I've never really fit in the culture of my birth and anyway logically inclusion in a nation state comes fairly far down the list after species, sex, etc. The American state framework is all that was ever really good about the United States, that is to say the very idea of Amerika. With that having recently been subverted nothing is left but a shell of pure evil filling with rot and putrefaction from which it's my duty as a human being to dissociate myself.

The second was always a thin thread, my closest family members died long ago and it's now a full decade since I've seen any of them. The last tenous connections here have recently finally been terminated, like a root canal, but without any pain. And all my friends who aren't idiots feel the same.

Finally, unlike Luke, I do now fully understand the power of the darkside without having to kill the Emperor. The rationality of emotion is ever in it's utility in achieving the life form's purposes. Until now the strongest motivating force I'd experienced was sexual desire. How wan that now seems by comparision. Especially since my last and over-enduring obsession with a single particular individual was extinguished several years ago. Even at it's height though it was sporadic and episodic at best by comparsion with the burning emotion that now fuels my every waking moment.

Only now do I understand Hinayana v. Mahayana and that the next phase of human cultural development will entail a very forceful rejection of the stinking corruption which is the rotting corpse of the raped Goddess of Democracy.

Like Nell (would have) said, Punish the Evildoers!