TRUE STORY June2001 Manila, Philippines I just got out of a very sordid affair January of that year. Broke, unemployed for about five months, and with two daughters who are about to start school; I hit rock bottom holding a shovel. My wife never knew about the affair. Neither does she go to this website. With tuition due (School here starts June), bills to pay, and let alone a very broken spirit, I was close to acknowledging that I was in deep doo doo. People tell me that I'm psychic. They come to me asking what the future lies for them, personal problems, career problems, even lost objects. I always take it with a grain of sand. I always attribute my readings to common sense, a lucky streak, and even psychoanalysis. Don't get me wrong, I do believe I'm psychic but I just don't go out and tell the world. Most people find out about me from other people. Word of mouth, actually. Plus, I don't charge anything. Anyway, there I was broke and somewhat desolate living in a third world country. One night, the 16th of June, I woke up at around 3am. Can't really sleep since I have to come up with some cash before the end of June or else all hell will go willy nilly. That night (morning?), I just got fed up with everything and said to myself, "If I'm psychic, then why can't I get the numbers on the lotto draws!". I got myself a pen and paper and started scribbling down numbers. First I put in all three lotto draws; the 6/42, the 6/45, and the 6/49. My psychic vibe told me to concentrate on the 6/45. I therefore wrote down 6 rows of numbers from 1 to 45. On each row, I concentrated on the numbers one by one. I did each row three times. It was already about 6am when I was in the last row. That day, a Sunday, I went out with my kids to the mall so they could just run around and play. I told my wife I was going to buy a lotto ticket. At the booth, I copied the numbers onto the lotto ticket. The draw was for Monday night. I suddenly had the urge to pay for the Wednesday draw also, which I did. That Monday night, I watched the lotto draw, I got nothing. "So much for my psychic powers.." I thought to myself. That Wednesday, I again took out the ticket and sat down on the couch. I remember my kids were on the floor coloring a Little Mermaid book, while my wife sat on my right reading a magazine. The first ball came out and it was a 10. I had a ten on the ticket. The second ball was a 25, the third was a 5. I had both numbers too. On the fourth ball, it came out 32. I had a 32 and the room started swirling all around me. I looked at my wife and showed her the ticket. She dropped the magazine and watched the draw. The fifth number was a 26. I slowly looked at the ticket. I didn't have a 26. Knowing that luck sometimes is about timing, placement and positioning, I went back to my end of the couch still glued to the set. The sixth ball was a 31 which I also had. I got 5 numbers out of 6. I had enough cash to pull me through that month and upto the next month. Relief and joy started to creep in. I was saved! By August, I found a stable job and have been quite succesful there too. I stopped looking at other women, been faithful to my wife ever since, and I have two daughters both top students in their class. Life again was normal. One thing though... I got just enough to pull me through. If there is a God, why didn't he just give me everything? Did my telling my wife about the four numbers prematurely jinxed the fifth number? Was it my psychic powers? I don't know but up to this day, I could not replicate what I had done that day...God knows how many times I get up at three am and start writing down numbers!