Getting a single, double, triple, and home run in a single nine inning baseball game. Rarer than a no hitter and a triple play, though more common than a perfect game.

A natural cycle -- the cycle in order in four at bats -- has been accomplished less than a half dozen times in the history of Major League Baseball.

A natural cycle, where a player achieves a regular cycle but in a certain order. The player must hit a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in that order. The order is more commonly known as the "natural order." This feat has only been accomplished a 15 times.

Much less common is the reverse natural cycle, which is just what it appears to be: a home run, a triple, a double and a single, in that order. This has happened five times and the players who performed the feat are listed among the others below.

League: American

Bob FothergillDetroit09-26-1926
Tony LazzeriNew York06-03-1932
Charlie GehringerDetroit05-27-1939
Leon CulbersonBoston07-03-1943
Bob WatsonBoston09-15-1979
Jose ValentinChicago04-27-2000
Gary Matthews, Jr.Texas09-13-2006
Carlos GomezMinnesota Twins05-07-2008

League: National

Bill CollinsBoston10-06-1910
Jim HickmanNew York08-07-1963
Ken BoyerSt. Louis06-16-1964
Billy WilliamsChicago07-17-1966
Tim FoliMontreal04-22-1976
John MabrySt. Louis05-18-1996
Brad WilkersonMontreal Expos06-23-2003
Luke ScottHouston07-28-2006

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