Exceedingly mediocre shortstop for the San Francisco Giants baseball team from 1985-1992.

A decent fielder, but an awful hitter. In his approximate 3,000-at bat career, Uribe hit for a .241 batting average and only 19 home runs. His butt was planted in the No. 8 spot in the lineup. He had some speed, stealing 74 bases in his career.

However, Uribe was a favorite of the Candlestick Park fans. When he came up to bat, each half of the stadium would chant part of his name, serenading him with a stereo "UUUU .... RIBE! UUUUU ... RIBE!" (phonetically, that's "ooo ... reebay!") Anyway, this would continue for his entire at bat. Then he would usually strike out.

Uribe was also a switch-hitter, which was rather odd. Like, how bad could Uribe be if he hit right-handed all the time? .220?

Personally, I still miss him.

8/24/2002 update: I just sponsored Uribe's player page on Baseball-Reference.com! I feel very proud of myself. Check it out at http://www.baseball-reference.com/u/uribejo01.shtml and let me know if you want to join the "WWJUBC"!

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