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NOTE: Me be busy lately. Me back in school. Not drunk all the time like undergrad. Not many writeups. Well I'm still drunk a little. A lot.

Everyone ready? Then let's begin.

Homen, sweet homen
You are the cherry atop
the ice cream of life.
Without homen there is
but sadness and tears.

Homen, lucious homen
Who knows what you are?
Does it matter? Nope.
For homen need not be tangible
to be loved.

Homen, glorious homen
Choirs of people sing to thou.
Let their voices rise to the sky!
I love you homen,
sweet, juicy homen.

Why are you looking at me that way???

I thought this page was supposed to be a Homen Ode!!!!

I solemly swear that 90% of my writeups will be about sports or Jean-Clade van Damme or journalism
Status of oath: I finally thought of an oath I can keep! I've got 10 non-sports, non-JCVD, non-journalism w/us.
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Who am I? Why don't you ask? But if you are a Crimed, you might want to know that I'm EFB '97 in the 123rd Guard.


  • Orange Julius is someone i never agree with so he must be right some of the time.
  • kiladogg is a Giants fan so she rules and stuff.
  • Davidian actually wrote a node about Pat Rapp after I dared him to. You really have to be a baseball fan to understand how funny this is. Now I shall ask him to node ... Rheal Cormier!
  • kthejoker is rather responsible and thus is quite necessary for the e2sports group.
  • caknuck "puts on the foil" before noding. As does RoyHoo33.
  • Dannye is responsible for me staying here and bothering you all with my random crap.
  • Oh, and Gamaliel too.
  • VT_hawkeye noded sports back before it was cool to do so. I never agree with him either. I suppose that's a character flaw of mine. He also used to have a home node photo of an XFL ball which was super-rad.
  • sneff because when I read his nodes he makes me believe that I can actually make these recipes. Of course it'll never happen (I tried once ...) but for a few moments I march behind the prophet sneff. He is a master fiction writer because it is reality for him.
  • mauler is okay even though he seems to be an evil Dodger fan (Dodger usually deserve to have batteries thrown at them but not mauler because he noded Bobby Thomson). (Oh, and about the batteries I am definitely not joking.) (Really, it happened at a Giants-Dodgers twi-night doubleheader in 1988.) (I only had a watch battery so I don't think I hurt Lasorda very much.)
  • Beigs is up to something.

KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. Don't use big crazy words (like "chiaroscuroptical") unless you have to. Sentence should be structured as simply and as clearly as possible. Use a lede. Do not write in big long paragraphs. Read Gritchka's home node. Use bullet points or numbered lists. If you make your writeups easy to read, then perhaps someone will actually read them. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN.

Hashbrownie organizes his writeups!!!!

San Francisco Giants:
Bob Brenly | Will Clark | Mike Krukow | Jeffrey Leonard
Kevin Mitchell | Trevor Wilson | Jose Uribe

More baseball:
All-American Girls Professional Baseball League | Baseball All-Century Team
Baseball is a very boring sport | Baseball players with mullets | Vince Coleman
Tom Gordon | Pete Gray | Vladimir Guerrero | Bill James | Derek Jeter | No-no
Operation Shutdown

San Francisco 49ers:
Dwight Clark | Ronnie Lott | Renaldo Nehemiah | Terrell Owens

More American football:
Flutie Flakes | Dennis Franchione | Fumblerooski | Craig "Ironhead" Heyward
He Hate Me | Jimmy Johnson | Deacon Jones | Dexter Manley
Rise and Fall of the XFL: Week 2 in Los Angeles | special teams | tight end
triple option | Esera Tuaolo | XFL nicknames

Charlotte Sting | Cleveland Rockers | Connecticut Sun | Detroit Shock | Houston Comets
Indiana Fever | Los Angeles Sparks | Miami Sol | Minnesota Lynx | New York Liberty
Orlando Miracle | Phoenix Mercury | Portland Fire |Nykesha Sales | Seattle Storm
Sacramento Monarchs | Utah Starzz | Washington Mystics | The WNB-Ays

NBA/college hoops:
Dream Team | Larry Eustachy | LeBron James | Bobby Knight | Earl Manigault
United States 85, Lithuania 83 | Chris Webber | Wang Zhizhi

Big Legged Mommas Are Back in Style Robert Cray | Step Aside

General sports:
Blood in the Pool: Hungary vs. USSR, Melbourne Olympics | Conference USA
Bela Karolyi | Billie Jean King | Morganna the Kissing Bandit | offside rule
Jonathan Pollard | Thanking Jesus for Victory | Throws like a girl | Women's lacrosse

Auto racing:
NASCAR | Talladega Superspeedway

Sarah Devens | Homicide Bomber | Ray Sherman Jr.

Noding about noding:
Demon of the Second Kind | Lede

Jean-Claude van Damme:
Double Team | Double Impact | Lionheart | The Quest | Universal Soldier

Everything else:
Bibleman | The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh | How to correctly split infinitives
Live and let live | Tawny Kitaen | The Tasty! | Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?

It's Crazy Hashbrownie's Crazy Ekw theme!!

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And now for a(nother) bad pun:

What do you call a group of four Roman Soldiers?
An "IV Unit!"

Secondary version of pun! (Thanks to AnBolb!)
What do you call a group of four selective Roman universities?
The "IV League!"

Always. Donate blood. Forever.