Celebrated my fucking birthday by the ancient traditions: Tortured, Maimed, and...

Killed: ansomatica's writeup in "Profanity only serves to slow down the speaking of those who's minds cannot keep up to the pace at which they feel they should speak at." It said, in three paragraphs: "Yeah. So there. Right fuckin' on." Senseless. Now a nodeshell.
No, wait. The little pillbug re-noded it. It's now only mostly senseless, but he put a slight bit of explanation, so I'll let one of y'all decide whether to nuke it again.

Killed: gar0u's writeup in Jennifer Love Hewitt's birthday. Belonged in Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now a nodeshell. User now has no writeups, so I reckon he's nuke-fodder.

And speak of the devil...Killed: aresds' writeup in Jennifer Love Hewitt. Total content: "A hot chick - 'nuff said." Actually, 'nuff not said.

Killed: derc's writeup in Unknown Armies. He had nothing to add to the writeup; he was just trying to nodevertise some of his stuff that had a similar title.

Killed: a bunch of writeups by pinky64 because they were dead blank. It appears someone else is trying to pull an asamoth without notifying the Proper Authorities... (I had to quit 'cause I need to free up my phone line, but y'all feel free to pick on him/her, too)

And somebody nuke that damn phonesex nodeshell! (Thank you, knifegirl! MMMMWA!)

/Msg'd: Robert25 about some of his writeups. He's a nice guy and good luck to him. Gave me some ideas for writeups of my own, so MMMWA! to him, too.