To cut text, an image, or a file:

To paste text, an image, or a file:

  • Ctrl + V
  • Shift + Insert

In Windows, you can usually right click and select cut in the pop up menu. Similarly, right clicking, and selecting paste in the pop up menu will paste. One may also go to Edit>Cut and Edit>Paste.

Since Macs do not have a second mouse button or a ctrl key, one must use the edit menu, or use the same commands as in Windows, but replace the ctrl key with the cloverleaf Command key. If you aren't comfortable with that, you could invest in a multi-button mouse or similar pointing device.

Nowadays, being able to drag and drop items is more or less standard, more so on Mac-based systems where this method was popularized, although this trend is growing on the thieving Windows OS.

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