To further understanding and communication I have taken it upon myself to categorize and name the various types of nodes one finds on everything:

Pure Factual
The platonic ideal of an everything node, the Pure Fact Node contains pure, unbiased information about the subject its name describes. The name of a Pure Factual node is almost always a single thing that will be recognized by others -- if only a small subset of others. Such titles as Hitler, Quantum Mechanics, Albert Einstein, and Spam are prime candidates for Pure Factual Nodes. Unfortunately, Pure Factual Nodes, like pure factual newspapers, comprise a minority slice of everything. Far more common are:

Semi Factual
The Semi Fact node contains a biased and slanted approach to a subject dealt with in a Pure Factual node. The key difference between Semi and Pure Factual nodes is the objectivity of the writeup. A Pure Factual node is akin to a Term Paper, supported by multiple sources and/or direct personal experience. A Semi Factual Node is what would be called in court hearsay -- subjective recounting with either an incorrect or purposely altered approach to the truth.

Another common type of node, the whining node almost always has a more verbose title than a Semi or Pure Fact node. Such node titles as Why I should be King of the World and People on Everything Suck are prime candidates for Whining nodes. A Whining node contains a writeup, typically its only writeup, that is self obsessed and describes a gripe that either everyone already knows about or noone gives a shit about. A whining node generally offers no constructive advice on how to change said problem but this does not matter as, as was previously stated, No one gives a flying fuck.

A whining node with more force behind it. The major distinction between a Whining and a Bitching node is that some people may give a flying fuck about its subject and the author does a better job of masking his or her own personal gripe with the system, instead construing it as a societal problem. A bitching node always has a note of hostility in it.

Field of Dreams
The field of dreams node is the subtle little brother of the Whining and bitching nodes. A Field of Dreams node expresses an opinion as a fact in the hopes that stating the opinion as fact will cause it to be true. This is the mark of an insecure noder. For example, this could be called a Field of Dreams node for stating the existance of Field of Dreams nodes when the author is not truly aware of such.

This is an acronym, rather than a word in welsh, standing for I'm Right and You're Wrong. The node name is fairly self-explanatory: an irayw node states an opinion that, while it is openly admitted to as an opinion, it is the only correct opinion. Irayw nodes frequently have a long chain of writeups each attacking each other and preaching the one true faith. They can be found by the 'hr' tags that denote responses to other writeups.

A node containing someting amusing written for the sole purpose of amusement. A node with a purpose other than humor is generally really bitching, whining or Irayw in disguise. This node is an example of a bitching node disguised as a Humor node. I think.

Contains original material written for the sake of having been written, by the writeup author. Usually contains fiction or poetry

Getting to Know You
A node title that asks a question and prompts users of everything to put their own response to said question. E.G. When did you lose your virginity?.

Cut And Paste
A node containing text that is not an original product of the writeup author. This can be literature or the declaration of independance. Posting material that is still copyrighted is frowned upon by the higher ups here at everything. Lyrics are the most common of Cut and Paste writeups. A Cut and Paste node, due to its nature], can be of any category in addition to this.

This is only a partial list. New and exciting node types are being discovered every day.

Brought to you by Sand Jack, PhD Nodology, U.E.

I have noticed that some people harp on other people for their noding styles. I have noticed and noded in many noding styles. I have an odd sort of flow to my noding, where I node as I please and just go with it. here are the node styles I have noticed:

The Journalist

This is where someone will basically write a column. It generally looks like something out of a magazine and is usually long, well thought out and topical of observation, experience or opinion. These people add fresh new detailed definitions and opinions that make e2 unique due to the fact that these write-ups are probably found nowhere else. Examples include:
  • The REAL story of the "Occupation of Tibet"
  • Why DMan is wrong about Tibet

    The Paster

    These are people who surf around and find funny or informative articles such (as mentioned above) on the Internet and add them to the database. These people usually hand enter in all the HTML and links which can be a lengthy prospect. Some prime examples of this type of noding are
  • The evil overlord list
  • Tough Questions for Hetereosexuals

    The Definer

    These people usually define simple words and phrases. They could make the definitions up or look them up in a dictionary. They may paste them as well, but the heart of their noding is around giving things definition, not to opinionate about things.
    Often times Definers are accused of NFN, which I see no problem with. They tear through nodes like nobody's business sometimes. ;)
    Examples of definitive writings:
  • Mamihlapinatapai
  • #!

    The Commenter

    Commenters often rarely create new nodes but rather give their opinions definitions and corrections on other people's nodes. They often provide secondary write-ups where there are none, and dabble a bit in the "Definer" and "Journalist" areas. Some people just need the initial idea to flourish. Also accused of Noding for numbers. I see no problem with this style of noding as long as it's adding and not cluttering. A Grey area to be sure. Hard to give you examples of these.

    The Pollster

    These are people who concern themselves with the opinions of other everythingeans. Sometimes known as polls and "Getting to know you" nodes, these nodes ask a question and are among the more popular e2 nodes. Some pollsters only wish to answer poll nodes, others like to think up creative questions to ask. Some poll nodes don't even ask a question, they just make a statement, but to the same effect. The examples are plentiful and include:
  • Coke or Pepsi?
  • One word title for your life

    The Joker

    These noders resemble the journalistic faction often times with the length of their nodes. They write nodes that are silly and sometimes even offensively outrageous. Often confused with ranters, they can at times get out of hand but for the most part they make e2 amusing and fun to read.
    Examples of these include:
  • Liberal Anti-Christian New World Order UFO Conspiracy
  • the popularity of boy bands

    The Ranter

    These are sort of a mix between Journalistic and Joker style noding. They are usually sarcastic and funny, but with a serious message that is often a bit long winded. They can be insulting, rude and pushy. Often times these noders are taken too seriously and flame wars ensue. Most of them just wish to be heard and enjoy debate.
    Examples include:
  • The Liberal Agenda
  • how dare you question god?

    Random silliness!

    Then there are little mixes of all of these types and other types, which I could not think of. The Tibetan write-ups could be considered rants, as could you have mini factual rants that are not very long. Or polls that are not meant to be polls, but humorous instead. Or pasted definitions.
    etc etc etc...
    you get the idea.

    The point I am trying to make, is that all of these are perfectly valid noding styles. I see stuff on here that I don't agree with, and I see stuff on here that drives me up the bloody wall, but sometimes you just need to grin and bear it. I try all kinds of various styles. This would be a journalistic write-up, yesterday I did a bit of factual NFN followed by some rants and jokes. Today I replied a lot and did some polls. I just go with what strikes me. Why fight it? The main thing is that this is a place for everyone. If someone's node count or experience gets bigger than yours because they are noding names of colors from Rodda paint color cards, so what? Sierra Sunset, Russian Summer, Blueberry traffic accident, let em have at it. Someone has to do it if we want to node Everything.
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