These arise primarily because we don't understand how to separate out a person's human identity from their gender identity.

I am a man, I feel my humanity through my image of myself as a man, it makes me real, it defines who and what I am. To an extent. I know that I can step out of my male identity, and just be, well, me.Thinking about something, even other guys, not trapped by the limits I set myself. I find it easy, and I imagine most of you reading this find it a lot easier than you let on. The problem is that this is as true for women as it is for us guys, and unlike guys who use broad strokes to describe the painting of themselves, women use much smaller, more complex brush strokes. It is much harder to separate out the woman from the person, which I think is part of their charm, they seem MUCH more emotionally connected that we guys do. It also means however that we get confused when sorting out sex.

To illustrate... we think in terms of classes: IF she is a woman AND women like flowers/chocolates/outrageous declarations of undying love THEN because she is a woman, she MUST like flowers/chocolates/outrageous declarations of undying love. END IF.

Believe it or not but that is how a lot of guys I know think about sex, and women, and sometimes even love. Awkward as it is, we tend to try to 'solve' women as much as try to understand them. Hence all the wasted hypotheses concerning women and sex, and therefore the myths. Women aren't there to be solved. They're there to be experienced.

Like us.