It occurs to me that, when I answered Brawl's questionnaire last month, I followed the spirit of the thing without, you know, actually answering the questions. Since I've got more free time on my hands these days than I know what to do with, I figured I'd do it by the books.

List 3 to 5 writeups (not your own) that epitomize what's special about everything2 for you.
(In other words, these are the writeups I really, really wish I could C! more than once.)

List 2 or 3 writeups (your own) with which you're most pleased.

I always have problems with this. Nevertheless, I like this one, and this one, and this one. Ask me tomorrow and it'll be a different three. It's interesting to note that sorting my nodes by reputation yields two daylogs and a book review for the requested three slots which are three writeups I'd have a hard time remembering that I'd written, let alone recommend to anyone. We're a fickle bunch, is what I'm sayin'.

List 2 or 3 writeups (anyone's) to which you would point new users as an example of "how to write for e2".

I tend to point people to users, not writeups, so to that end: 1. 2. 3. There are others, but a good number of them are up for editorial consideration this time around and I'd rather not screw the pooch, at least in public.

At what time or times are you typically active on e2 and accessible for user questions and help?

Most days I'm on from midnight to 4am EST and on and off during the afternoon. This may change if my work schedule does; we'll see.

Are you an active member of the Mentoring team, or if not, would you be willing to join?

I am, though how active is debatable - I haven't had an active mentee in months, at least officially. I help people on the side, of course.

Are you a subject matter expert to whom the admin team can go for content advice? If so, in what area(s)?

sure am. I do fiction (particularly short fiction) and poetry, music theory and music history, radio technology and storytelling, trivia, science fiction, Macintosh stuff, books (both in content and form) and New York City history and culture. New interests come and go, but those're the topics I'm most comfy in.

Are you a leader or an active, contributing member of any e2 usergroups?

Leader? no. I'm a member of quite a few usergroups, but I tend to lurk unles something really catches my fancy. I'm not one for that particular kind of chatter.

As usual, if there's anything else any of you would like to know about me, ask. You'd have to work very, very hard to offend, annoy or irk me with something as simple as a question. Have at.