Now now.

After our most beloved and highly respected little leader threw down the gauntlet and challenged all of us to reveal what we see as the meaning of life, Everything2 and the universe in general, I sat back and enjoyed the endless stream of noders quoting their favourite 'deep' nodes and quietly thought: what a bunch of self-congratulatory bollocks. Man, we're all very deep and thoughtful eggheads in our self designed little corner of the internet, the so called 'writers cooperative'.

Until today, when I saw Iwhosawtheface's refreshingly unearnest declaration of love to e2's lighter side. This gave me enough impetus now to enter myself into this dreary exercise, so here we go:

Writeups I adore:

Things I'm pleased with? Well, there is my highly entertaining series of humanopathogenic worms writeups, and of course the ever so controversial Vomiting Sheep, Piercing is a waste of time and resources and the all time favourite, The Bi-annual Wales-New Zealand Sheep Shagging Competition.

If I encounter new noders and feel in a benign mood, I point them to

Thank you for your time.

Now go back and continue writing about your feelings on that day you lost your Gameboy.

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