Why do I always node in the wee hours of the night? Anyhoo...

In the words of Mr. Mushnik:


My delinquent roomate in whose name the water bill comes allowed it to get buried on the bottom of the pile of mail for two months -- and now our water has been turned off.

And it's been off for a little over two weeks now. Again, because of delinquent roommates. I have paid my share already, but they are all bums. I would have bailed us out -- Lord knows I have before on bills here -- but the thing is, I spent $600 on a several-months-due phone bill. And now I'm broke.

And I can't find a job because I catch a shower maybe once a week now, so I hardly look presentable to try to go on interviews. And I have to move at the end of April, so I need a job to make money so I can get an apartment.

And today, my newbie boyfriend and I got in a bit of a row. Nothing major or anything, but we hadn't fought before, so that was fraught with emotion.

Thank God it rained tonight.

Because when it was done showering, there was a lovely fog-mist that settled in. The air had that lovely damp smell of just-fallen rain. The temperature was crisp and bracing. So I grabbed my walking stick, pulled on my recently-acquired Irish cap, lit a black-and-mild, and headed out into the night.

Nothing like a good long walk like that one to clear my mind and restore a sense of peace and tranquility to my life:

  • I'm sure a friend would let me shower in the morning, so I could be ready to go on interviews.
  • I'll make enough money at a good job in the next month to pay the last of the bills I need to here, and to get a decent apartment.
  • Zero and I both want our relationship to work, and wrinkles make for better sheets.

  • And I came home, knowing that, really,

    My life really isn't a living hell.