Hmmm, 4 people in my house, only 1 shower, and everyone gets up at about the same time in the morning... so I node while I wait.
To be done today:
More class, if you care which one, check out my daylog from September 18, 2000.
Hopefully meet with my study abroad dean to finally finish up this application to study in London next semester.
Maybe, if I'm lucky, UPS will have found my bike from wherever they lost it while they were shipping it cross country and finally deliver it.
I'm not holding my breath.

Whoop, shower just opened up... more later.
16:27 EST
Back from campus for the afternoon. Classes were eh, but I don't really feel as if I can start skipping them. Especially so early in the semester. I try to last at least a month before I start skipping classes.
Yesterday would have been my year anniversary with my ex-girlfriend if we had't broken up two weeks ago. As one might imagine, she was less than kind to me yesterday, but she seemed better today. We ate lunch together. I know how much control she's exhibiting by being civil to me (because she made it clear last night when we talked) and I do appreciate her effort, we have many friends in common.
My turbulent love life is not the only thing to worry about. I still have to finish my study abroad application and get started on my databases homework due next week.

I never realized how repetative my life is until I started keeping daylogs.
P.S. - No sign of my bike.