In Team Fortress and other online games, a llama is one who gets his enjoyment by ruining others. A newbie is not always a llama. If the newbie tries to learn and become a good player, he is not a llama.

Llamas in TF:

  • spam (toss too many grenades).
  • message spam (Fill the screen with repeated messages)
  • go in the respawn when infected (this spreads the disease)
  • team kill (or if TK is off, they try anyway)
  • take the enemy flag to the respawn and stay there (if team kill is off, they cannot be killed and thus your team cannot score)
  • are 31337
  • have the name player, (1)player, (2)player, and so on. (they can't even figure out how to change their name)
Llamas are evil creatures and hopefully there is a server admin around to kick them.