TFC is a free Half-life mod written by the creators of Half-life, Valve Software. It is conversion of the original Team Fortress Quake mod, which was getting consideribly obsolete. TFC has all the graphical goodness of QuakeII, while still retaining the original gameplay that made Team Fortress famous.
If you own Half-Life, you will download and play this far more then you should.

Actually, thanks to true 16-bit color support from textures on down, TFC has beyond QuakeII graphical goodness. That's balanced out by network code problems, though.

Team Fortress Classic -- one of the coolest mods for the game Half-Life. In it, there are two or more teams, and each (red, blue, and on maps that support it, yellow, and green) has an objective to accomplish. Each player selects one of nine "classes", which are:
1. Scout
2. Sniper
3. Soldier
4. Demoman
5. Medic
6. HWGuy
7. Pyro
8. Spy
9. Engineer
0. something called "random playerclass", kind of a misnomer because it cycles through playerclasses (1 to 9) after each death.

The game itself is hard to describe, but it is awesome with a bit of a cartoon-violence look. There is no other way to explain it unless you go out and play it!

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