The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was a video game developed by Nintendo and released on the Super Nintendo system. It's got many of the same main characters, enemies, plot elements, and items as the rest of the Zelda games.

Here's the basic idea: You play Link. You are awakened one night duing a storm by telepathic messages from Princess Zelda. She basically tells you to get to the castle and rescue her. You do so, bust out of the castle, and get on the wrong side of the evil wizard Agahnim. In order to fight him, you need to get the Master Sword. Of course, you can only do that by defeating three dungeons on the world map.

After doing that, you return to the castle, climb all the way up to the top level, and fight. Once you sort-of win, you get sucked into the Dark World. The rest of the game involves defeating the seven dark world dungeons by passing back and forth between the Light and Dark Worlds. Finally, you are able to open up the Dark World tower, fight Aganhim again. After defeating him (this time for real), you must fight the main bad guy, Gannondorf. Kill him and game over, you win.

Along the way, there's loads of secret areas, upgraded items, mini games, dead ends, and so forth. A Link to the Past also uses the 3/4 isometric view like the original NES Zelda games. The N64 Zelda games, in contrast, use a third-person view.