When Nintendo Power went monthly in 1991 their off-month publication, the Nintendo Power Strategy Guides, were discontinued. In order to meet the demands of players who clamored for a revival of the guides, Nintendo began publishing the Nintendo Player's Guides series of books. These new guides featured expanded coverage and tidbits about individual first and second-party games. The first five guides were sent to Nintendo Power magazine subscribers free of charge, while the remainder of the guides in the series are (or, in the cases of older out-of-print guides, were) available through Nintendo Power magazine, the Nintendo online store at http://store.nintendo.com, or at your favorite retail game (and sometimes magazine) store for anywhere between $10 and $17. Guides are sometimes re-released when a game becomes a Player's Choice title.

The complete alphabetical list of Player's Guides (all books contains complete maps and walkthroughs; additional info listed where relevant):

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