Based on various versions of the same modification (mod), originally HalfLife.

Many more I am sure...
Evil Counter-Strike cheats (I wouldn't consider them "great", but this node was already here so I figured I might as well put the info here, instead of making a new node), and also the reasons why I don't play so much anymore:

ASUSTek decided to be morons and actually post some video card drivers for nVidia chipsets that let you see though walls. This works for any game, but in a game like Counter-Strike where you can shoot through walls, it's even worse. You can kill someone around a corner before they even saw you!

Auto-Aim/Auto-Shoot cheats do exist. The Auto-Aim cheat will automatically snap the crosshairs over a member of an enemy team, and the Auto-Shoot cheats will pull the trigger for you. Used together, you can just run around with an AWP and massacre everyone.

There used to be a spiked model cheat, that had long poles sticking out of players everywhere. If you saw a pole coming out of a wall, you knew someone was on the other side. I believe this doesn't work anymore in version 1.0. Those are the major cheats, then there are some lesser ones which I don't mind so much, because you still need SOME skill to kill.

White walls cheat makes all the walls white so it's easy to see people

Sniper scope cheats will take out all the black that surrounds your view when zoomed in.

There was a lambart cheat that made it so everyone would show up bright even if they were in the shadows, but now the server has to have cheats activated for that to work.

Same goes for a cheat that let you set your running speed really high. Server has to enable cheats.

Now, how to avoid cheaters? Get PunkBuster.
It works by scanning your hard drive and running processes to make sure you aren't using known cheats, and it will let the game server know if somethings wrong. However, last I checked, there weren't that many PunkBuster servers that required PunkBuster for players, and that had low enough pings to play on.

NOTE: PunkBuster is now defuct. Try instead! Anyway, hope this has been helpful for you to spot out those cheaters, and remember, if you cheat, you suck!
As a computer game increases in popularity, so do the number of cheats and hacks for that game. As the Half-Life modification Counter-Strike (here on out referred to as CS) has overtaken all other online FPS games, the number of cheaters pervading in the game is immense.

There is a war between the cheating and anti-cheating community. The anti-cheating community is about to prevent cheaters from ruining CS with such cheat detection and prevention programs as Cheating Death, CSGuard, Paladin, and the now defunct Punkbuster. The cheating community, however, continues to find ways to subvert these methods of prevention, and allows cheaters to reign in CS servers.

The following cheats may apply to other popular first person shooters, and often do.

Counter-Strike Cheats

  • Wallhack - The most famous cheat of all. Allows you to see enemies through walls, by adjusting the opacity of the wall.

  • Aimbot - One of the most well-known cheats out there. Essentially, an aimbot does the targeting of an opponent for you. It locks on to the target and follows their movement, making aiming immensely easier. To avoid detection, aimbot can be set to not only aim at head (nothing but headshots is pretty suspicious) but to aim at other parts of the body randomly. For some hacks, you can set the aimbot to lock on to a target after you have you moved your crosshair over them, to prevent the obvious give-away of "snap aiming".

  • Lamer Targeting - Allows you to set aimbot priority for specific players.

  • No Recoil - Rids your gun of recoil, by adjusting firing rates for each gun. Can also set firing rates for different ranges with each gun. This is done through a script, not a hack. It is still considered a cheat nonetheless.

  • Auto Shoot - Compliments the aimbot and the no-recoil cheat. Once the enemy is targeted, auto shoot makes your gun automatically fire on the target.

  • Sound Hack - Like a combination of an aimbot and wallhack, but it aims at noises rather than models, essentially giving you a 360 degree aimbot/wallhack.

  • Wireframe - Turns all objects into wireframes.

  • White Walls - Makes all walls solid white, so enemies stand out better against them.

  • Spiked Models - Models are changed so that large spikes come out of their X and Y axis, making them visible much the way a wallhack would. Model checks have been put in place in to inhibit this hack.

  • Barrel Hack - Works much like a laser sight. You can see exactly where an enemy is pointing his gun.

  • No Scope Blackout - When you use the scope on a sniper rifle, it blacks out the outer portion of the screen, leaving you with a circle of visibility in the middle, simulating actually looking into a scope. With this hack, you can remove this blocked area, increasing your viewing area, and making it more difficult for enemies to slip past your peripheral vision.

  • Disabled Smoke Grenades / Flashbangs - Removes the smoke emitted from smoke grenades or eliminates the blindness caused by flashbangs, allowing you to see what would otherwise not be visible.

  • Night Vision - No, this doesn't let you use the worthless night vision goggles that you can buy for $1250 for free. It's much better than that. It instead allows all areas of the map to be seen in full brightness. You can also invert this so that the walls are completely dark an enemies are seen in full brightness, known as the Lambert hack.

  • Health / Weapon Identifier - Tells you how much health an enemy has, and what weapon they are using, so you can pick your battles wisely.

  • Rear-View Mirror - An adjustable, inset window that shows you what's going on behind you.

  • Speed Hack - Speed hacks were fearsome prior to the Half-Life release. Players could run around at amazing speeds, essentially impossible to shoot, and unload their clips just as fast. With, Valve, creator of Half-Life, integrated a speed check, to make sure clients weren't abusing this feature nonstop. This, of course, left a hole that allowed clients to run briefly at great speeds and then normally again.

  • Silent Walk - Allows you to move faster than a normal walk, while remaining silent. This is effective against those who use sound to detect enemy locations. Can also be accomplished by binding your walk key to +movedown. Though, that is still abuse of the engine.

  • Skin Cheat - You appear as a member of the opposing team, so that the real opposing team will not fire upon you. Easy to detect when you see someone kill someone else with the same skin on a non-friendly fire server, or if you fire at a teammate and blood flies out.

  • Respawn Hack - Normally in CS, when you die, you stay dead until the next round. This hack allows you to respawn at will. This will nullify your kill:death ratio on the scoreboard though, leaving people looking for some self esteem in a computer game lacking.

  • Spectator Cheat - An interesting cheat that allows you to move about the map invisibly, attack people, grab hostages, and defuse bombs, all while completely invulnerable. This hack is more for entertainment, as your scores aren't tallied on the scoreboard, like the respawn hack.

  • Server Crash - A script that overflows a server and causes the entire server to crash.

  • CD-Key Stealer - Reads your CD key out of your registry and posts it to a PHP script. This can be stopped with a simple firewall.

  • Cheat Scanner - Some cheat programs will search your computer for common cheat files from other cheat programs, just as a program like CSGuard would. This lets you know what you need to delete so as to not be detected by those programs.
Some popular cheating programs available for Counter-Strike are: OGC Hook (and derivations of, following its discontinuation and source code release), XQZ, HL Hack, CSX, Flautz, and ViperG. Most of these hacks are now defunct, but the ones still available are more powerful than ever.

There is such an immense amount of cheats available, I don't think it's possible for me to have touched on them all. If I missed any someone feels would be worthwhile to mention, feel free to add them or message and I'll add them to this write-up.

Edit: To those that feel that this information is somehow helping people cheat, or that I condone cheating you are sorely mistaken. This information isn't going to make anyone go, "Whoa, soundz awsum!!!! Me thinkz ill H4x0r now!!1" If people want to cheat, they'll cheat. I'm not providing any information on how to cheat, and I consider this more helpful in the recognizing of cheaters once you know what they can do. This w/u is purely informative.

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