Evil Counter-Strike cheats (I wouldn't consider them "great", but this node was already here so I figured I might as well put the info here, instead of making a new node), and also the reasons why I don't play so much anymore:

ASUSTek decided to be morons and actually post some video card drivers for nVidia chipsets that let you see though walls. This works for any game, but in a game like Counter-Strike where you can shoot through walls, it's even worse. You can kill someone around a corner before they even saw you!

Auto-Aim/Auto-Shoot cheats do exist. The Auto-Aim cheat will automatically snap the crosshairs over a member of an enemy team, and the Auto-Shoot cheats will pull the trigger for you. Used together, you can just run around with an AWP and massacre everyone.

There used to be a spiked model cheat, that had long poles sticking out of players everywhere. If you saw a pole coming out of a wall, you knew someone was on the other side. I believe this doesn't work anymore in version 1.0. Those are the major cheats, then there are some lesser ones which I don't mind so much, because you still need SOME skill to kill.

White walls cheat makes all the walls white so it's easy to see people

Sniper scope cheats will take out all the black that surrounds your view when zoomed in.

There was a lambart cheat that made it so everyone would show up bright even if they were in the shadows, but now the server has to have cheats activated for that to work.

Same goes for a cheat that let you set your running speed really high. Server has to enable cheats.

Now, how to avoid cheaters? Get PunkBuster. www.punkbuster.com
It works by scanning your hard drive and running processes to make sure you aren't using known cheats, and it will let the game server know if somethings wrong. However, last I checked, there weren't that many PunkBuster servers that required PunkBuster for players, and that had low enough pings to play on.

NOTE: PunkBuster is now defuct. Try cheating-death.com instead! Anyway, hope this has been helpful for you to spot out those cheaters, and remember, if you cheat, you suck!