A Modest Proposal

  1. In order to nuke a writeup, three Content Editors or admins need to agree that it be nukeworthy. (The present system permits one CE or god to nuke a writeup, and to do so instantly, without any discussion and without notifying any other responsible party.)
  2. This should apply to all writeups, new as well as existing.
  3. Writeups seen by the CEs and gods should have three nuke buttons: propose, second, and agree. All three buttons shall be green initially. If a CE/god nukes it, the first button shall go red. If a second CE/god nukes it, the first and second buttons shall go red. If a third CE/god nukes, it, all three buttons shall turn red, and the writeup shall go to Node Heaven.
  4. As soon as any CE/god proposes that a writeup be nuked, a message shall be sent to all CEs/Gods that said writeup is being nominated to be removed from the E2 database. This will ensure that all CEs/gods are aware that the writeup is being reviewed.
  5. A CE/god may change his or her mind about nuking it. A god shall be able to rescind another CE or god's nuke decision.
  6. A table of nuke statistics shall automatically generated at the end of every month. This table shall be viewable by all users. This shall show the number of nuke votes by name of CE/god in the last 30 days. Perhaps another column can show the total number of nuke votes by name of CE/god for as long as they've held that administrative position.
  7. All of these features will require a redesign of the software interface that controls the display of a writeup to CEs and gods. Scripts shall automate the interlock feature of this proposed new nuking mechanism.

The proposed interlock nature and its triple redundancy is not new. It is used in nuclear weapons usage and man-critical space missions. E2 is not a mission critical database, but the triple interlock mechanism was designed by game theorists to avoid the sorts of behaviors E2 is now seeing. It should stop single user bad behavior. It also prevents collusion between two users who agree to enforce a standard not agreed upon by the group as a whole. Finally, the notification mechanism to all CEs/gods is to increase awareness that action is being taken. This can start dialog on more controversial nodes and allow a reasoned decision to be taken.

This proposal will add needed delay in the nuking timetable and will foster discussion among some more difficult to understand new writeups and some classic historical writeups.