OBEs can be attained with the aid of the cyclohexamine Ketamine, a dissociative anesthesic, used by veterinarians in animal surgery (as an anesthetic) or restraint (as a tranquilizer). Its clinical use in humans nowadays are more restrict to very young or old people, for it is the most safe of all anesthetics. The reason is that it is the only substance to produce anesthesia without supression of the respiratory and gag (swallowing) reflexes.

A full anesthesic dose on a human will produce loss of consciousness, and a confusing reemergence state, that often would scare or surprise the patients. For that reason, when anesthesia is the goal, it usually is admnistrated together with a benzodiazepine, to nullify the conscious reemergence into the body.

The explorative dosages, be they for recreative use, or aiming OBEs (or OOBEs, same thing, different node), or even NDEs (Near Death Experiences), are indeed much smaller than the anesthesic doses. An OBE can be reached with 1/10 of the amount used for anesthesia.

For more on this intriguing substance, see the chapter about Ketamine on D.M. Turner's Essential Psychedelic Guide.